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 Frequently asked questions about hair loss

The definition of permanent hair removal treatment over a period of two years after departing from hair rate is 20%. Judging from its definition, hair by hair cerasela is a 'YES'. Women become older and sometimes springing no hormonal balance and environmental changes, even after the treatment grows a beard if there.

Say, rather than swung the permanent permanent hair removal "would not almost grown" is more appropriate.
Hair cerasela recommended high-speed hair removal SHR scheme is gentle to the skin enough to allow irradiation to the tanned skin hair removal. There is no pain like conventional or heat, so, please.

* Sensitive skin of your anxious to try again on a trial plan suggest.
There are also differences due to different subjects and areas the hair growth cycle, so only consider as a general guideline. I want to thank the treatment according to the situation so as not to burden the skin as much as possible to produce early results, we hope to stay there.
For hair loss how to target hair follicles growing period(2-3 months)Must put hi-speed hair loss how to hair loss and hair follicles to weak heat accumulating, so the hair growth cycle is not particularly relevant. In addition, characterized by the minute results of monthly treatment can, so as soon as possible.

* Use the period 28 days cycle and said turn over your skin, so a is recommended once a month.
Does not have a definite age setting in hair cerasale.
Is generally focused on hormonal balance, or more than 16-year-old salon, has begun a stable physiological condition and that is. Still adolescent large changes in the body and is from obtained is satisfactory for a lively time for Mao to in may take time. It seems pretty much suffer from physical changes, however, elementary school and junior high school students and children. Multinationals like children, please feel free to consult us.
It is recommended to avoid causing the skin after hair removal, healed wounds from the surgery.
However, if you want to put protective tape to expose the light with small scratches, you. Also the part that contains the tattoo cannot be treatment.

 Voice of the customer

♦ become more and more beautiful, so anyway I'm happy! From changing here, but thought it would be hard, took the book in the large Salon together when staff can become without worry about booking and am very happy. Now the summer is fun!(20Teen College students)

♦ was interested previously in hair loss, skin is weak, so to be honest hair at the Salon was. But at all and not hurt, was very relieved after treatment without redness or troubles. It is safe, it is continued.(50Teen workers)

♦ Waxing twice, but extremely painful, I can't. I thought. Is there itching and other skin problems and what to do, worried that this hair loss at all no problem. Hair through the friends I am proud!(10Bill "freeters")

♦ in the hair salon ever top didn't hurt! And most could feel the strain! Hair loss had to be sad. Now that is very happy.(30Teen workers)

♦ treatment did not hurt at all, even though hair lashes fell off! Invisible pores moisturizer alone not to theirworld at all, but the vine was and I had to clean! In really impressed!(40Teen housewife)