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2018年9月3日 : Home page renewal notice

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Chiba Symphony Orchestra Naoto Mitsuru (Hitomi) is.

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 I was too shy. Do you have doubts?
For women, no hair smooth skin is yearning for eternity.

"Hair removal but I was so ashamed, I can't go '

Does not mean having or can help?
But, don't worry! Learn self alopecia hair cerasale, perfect for those offers.

Without seeing anyone, quietly beautiful?

 Eyelashes like extensions.
Introduction education lashes you too?

Approx's steadily growing and bushy ♪ ♪ do not need to rely on other extensions(^^)
Can make your get your lashes and charming eyes!

* Breeding for beauty Eyelash solution is in stock now!
(@ 10000)

Lashes is a real baby!

[Eyelash growth course]
* First try 3980
* After the first 6000 Yen

* Prices shown are tax.

 Message from the owner

Total support for problem hair
Hair cerasale
Owner 千葉 響登充
Hitomi Chiba

To the hair cerasela welcome!

Women hair trouble is not exhausted.
However, hair salons have a sore. I think. Ashamed, I can't go.
Do not think in such a way?

In fact, from an early age was hairy to complex, 20-year-old was from was already a regular at hair salons. I don't know how much time and money spent. It was a practitioner while in addition, enduring pain and embarrassment.

Now, compared to the previous charges very reasonable became. Stimulation treatment has decreased. However, it became reasonable, though you want to clean, and if there are a lot of places, it becomes expensive.
And the abundance of women, even in sensitive zones, is I want to hair loss reasons is shameful.

I could be the Savior of those. "Hair loss self" is added to the menu at such a thought.
So you can smile without the embarrassing, painful, reasonably priced without feeling.

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