We teach the seasonal blog techniques now!

Good evening
Fleur Chiba Symphony Orchestra Naoto Mitsuru (Hitomi) is.

Blogs are nearly
Written about 3 years ago.

To open a hair salon!
As determined from
Ameba was first started.

Back then
And I-I also know
I just wrote (lol)

But I was wondering

Those who want to hair loss
As you will receive?

It said.

To write the blog slowly
I thought I came familiar with;
That is...

Suffering from unwanted hair
Many more women
I want to send?

It is translated as it is very difficult (laughs)

"I always enjoy reading."
You are such a nice voice.
It is a thorough
Customer feedback from customers.

I do not know,
In the know-Fleur

I have not received...

In reality. °(T ^ T)°.

By participating in
Hina IshikawaIt's
Ameba seminar is.

(I borrowed your photo?)

But the former model's
Is a real beauty?

But you know-
It's not just a beautiful, can
If you attend a seminar
You can see in 1 shot!

Do not give the consultant
The secret methodsAnd
How to blog title
How to link to the Facebook
And so on.

With a wealth of knowledge
Unwrap (← the representation is change everything w)
Very easy to understand
Kindly let me know.

Would that age-old methods
Even now"The right way"
And it's you or think.

Fast is the trend of the times and

So, I think.

Say now, but
To tell the truth, I
Before the seminar starts
I wonder if there's no lunch time ~!
Well take it easy
I'd had put the greedy.

10Time-in 3 hours and a half
Jazz is, in many
At lunchtime I forget about the
Really fast it was (laughs)

Together participated in the seminar
Is a lovely senior salon owners got their?

Lomiromisalonreira 2 owner
Toshiko SATO

Macek, beauty brow beauty link plus owners
Aoki Kaori

Also be able to participate and these two
Very irritating.


Last but not
Hina Ishikawa
Really really really
Thank you very much?

I also like Hina's
Become a "bijin blog"
For many who suffer from unwanted hair
Useful information about
I would like to disseminate!


Like Hina
"Pretty face"
To be hooray.(≧ ▽ ≦)