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Fleur Chiba Symphony Orchestra Naoto Mitsuru (Hitomi) is.

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Suddenly became cold.
Miss skin season is (laughs)

The other day,
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Hina IshikawaTo

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This article we introduce

I was too shy
I can't go to the hair salon.

Facing such problems
To reach the ladies ~
And, with all my heart, wrote the article.

The article ↓ ↓ ↓
Why hair loss self wanted VIO from

Blog beauty consultant
The young Mr. Ishikawa

"Do you want to reference. Snuggle up to your blog "

Our reblog
While reading the article
Large,Large,Very excited
I have (lol)

Really, really inspiring did (tears)

From this have been

Customer to customer
Snuggle up blog

In I want to continue to avail.

Can worries about hair loss
Anything please feel free to contact

Hina Ishikawa,
Thanks so much(*^^*)

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