Choose the end hunting generation was VIO alopecia!

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These days,"○ activitiesThe word has blossomed on the streets.

Words "job hunting" and "konkatsu" fertile hunting has become very commonplace.


Keep hunting up to entrust their child to nursery activities

Activities towards the divorce's isolated hunting

Fungus hunting to eat healthy, eat mushrooms, such as

What words can be like.

But we wanted to focus in such activities ○

"After life"It is.

And the final activity

"Be prepared to better live the rest of my life, such as funerals and graves, wills and inheritance to thinking'

What it is.

There was an interesting article in YAHOO news.

Growing you hair as one of the "hot end" VIO

In this article the writer

From the expansion in recent years used ages

From kids to end active generation Salon hair removal "from the cradle to the grave" condition

With routinely.

Articles published:Why is "kids ' hair' growing

Topics related to "care hair removal" a while ago, published in the weekly magazine (8/24The blog) The

Still, large mature VIO hair loss awareness has been changing.

Hair salon, or is no longer

From children's mercy also suffer from unwanted hair

Young people want to be beautiful

In addition to the

At the end life generation prepare for long-term care

And has changed to where you can meet the demands of any generation.

…However, for those inexperienced in the end life generation hair salon

Is that place still haunt a young woman may be high.


Now those available as one of the "hot end" that status quo is obviously sensible,

50Generation, 60s and even 70s with even

There is no reason to hesitate any more.(^^)

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