New common hair loss! Mature "hair care"

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I'm somewhat shocking articles, weekly magazine in the August 1 issue of women who appeared yesterday, newsletter membership, subscribe via one foot ago this article please tell us it is.

And the article.

While the surge in middle-aged and elderly women

Local hair care life comfortable for you!

Thinking about future care myself, "VIO hair" mature women is growingWith what it is.

Age happens upon a 50s, 60s and even tried nursing once or presently in care more.

In fact, try to care

"Diapers when it takes effort, it was hard. "

The people that are

During the care my future kids and helpers, I to not want to like yourself a lot

From such a thoughtVIO hair with care. "hair care"Seems to start.

I see ~

That's true.

Only if it is not.

Hair andIt is difficult to keep clean, of course, problems such as infection and inflammationEven that would be.

If you think about it like thatAs well as for those who care, for you and meBut there it is.

And that appeared in the weekly magazine knew that this trend is so major that is becoming.

50Age, tend to think the 60s and put the other's hair untouched generations.

I'm starting that new generation I, really, times have changed.

""VIO hair loss"is not something that only the young generation, it has been.

Will also begin in middle age and older in the near future to the contrary, in today's world.

Saucer is hair loss.

Everyone thinks that's how mature!

Late I'm not it.

"VIO hair loss" but rather start from a mature, say that cutting edge.

Today's Mayan calendar [KIN 93 People walk the red sky / yellow sound 2]

Mayan Word message: courage, should take risks. Spreading the ungenerous unfamiliar areas.

Today is the day black kin (KIN GAP).

Black KIN, is the energy of the universe is strongly sunny day.

Unexpectedly or very active, or cause trouble, change is likely to happen,What is the.

Today, the Oh-this kind of thing, huh ~! I had this(^^;)

Suddenly, I was invited to eat super deals on cattle than Ranch, leaving out the Salon happy.

NAA I thought I walk because it was raining quite heavily, but a little distance and momentarily lost at the end of the headed place by bike.

Near the bicycle, while chatting with friends fun and I enjoyed beef than Ranch.

Where should I place the bike in about an hour and a half, and...

No bicycles(¯ ¯ Mouth;)!

And so this is... Had been removed.(-Д ')-° •.


It was after eating beef than Ranch delicious, cheap, fun, tragedy (tears)

Black KIN, your day is important to(^^;)

Hair loss in your skin beautiful, healing the heart with the Mayan calendar

All the women are beautiful, to be happy