I love the last words

At the most affordable hair salon "high-speed hair removal-Fleur"The Chiba Hibiki ripening Mitsuru (Hitomi).

Thanks for your visit today

That is an update for a long time.

Ichikawa ebizo watching the Conference has no elements.

Mao's last words were "I love you.

I'm sure everyone to recover will have wished Mao Kobayashi's obituary...

I couldn't fight back tears, Conference of ebizo.

Sincerely wish you repose.

Today's Mayan calendar [KIN 31 Blue monkey / blue hand sound 5]

Mayan Word message: cherish the playful, remembering when I was a kid.

Kobayashi Mao's death was told.

Yesterday she died 6/22 the [KIN 30 White dog / blue hand sound 3].

Last year, ebizo is held a press conference about the condition of Mr. Mao, a [KIN 172 Yellow / white dog sound 3].

I am still learning about the Mayan calendar, but found some common ground.

It is on both days in the cycle had "white dog" is.

Surprise. Was made.

That foster trust, honesty, camaraderie and family love "white dog" keyword.

I think ebizo and even family love showing Mao's from.

I was connected and the energy of the universe and our love is.... What.

It is deep Mayan calendar.

Hair loss in your skin beautiful, healing the heart with the Mayan calendar

All the women are beautiful, to be happy