Urgent! Who do not receive e-zine from the Fleur

Hello ~ ☆

Today is a second post haste limited who will be addressed, but I wanted to notice, m(_ _)m

"Should have registered newsletter members do not receive fresh e-zine. Hitomi, subscribe and really am I?! "

Seems like this should be tempted.

Indeed, my perfect whimsical delivery, so less often as we(^^;)

But! Today, we are certainly delivered.

If may had never been delivered since the beginning of April, more falls next.

If you do not receive newsletter from Fleur delivered three times in a row

System will automatically be unregistered

M are available(_ _)m

As well as has been lifted automatically for qualifying third delivery of the day, is about 10 people.(T0T)

During the re-registration following domain receiving permissions please


I register me to apologize, but if I see is your idea of a little-(> people<)r />