Su 500 yen ○ me beauty House experience shrimp Meatball H's tragedy

At the most affordable hair salon "high-speed hair removal-Fleur"The Chiba Hibiki ripening Mitsuru (Hitomi).

Thanks for your visit today

No-the beauty ads really all over the place to have it.

Where what's the difference?

For a fact how long does it take?

Said condition, for example first-hand experience just frightend to us-very cheap and the high prices so badly it is needless to say hit the world.

Or think of it as each person,

Try first, because I'm seriously, you want to experience

From a little interested, but I'm not sure I want to try

I'm in these two motives are clearly different.

There is talk about h.

Had been agoPelvic distortion

Then we sawSu ○ Mbuti-House of pelvis diet experience the 500 yen

On top of that Treatment time is 70 minutes!

So you get to try! And immediately applied for, when it comes to experience.

Fine counseling sheet entry (at this point it is already tired w).

After counselling is approximately one hour.

Idle's weight when measured or, then when was from began to be anxious or answer questions specifically induces many kilometers, or want to lose forever contend with honest pain becoming was.

But if I came in 500 yen for the time being. Counseling and the incident happened H's body and while waiting for that time.

Post, has hurt kinda hungry!

H's somewhat stomach since this morning, was counseling stress? (? ) To not scratch out panicked and ran to the toilet(T0T)

While leaving the lingering pain is back in a hurry.

So you wait,

See, sorry, kinda hungry broke in,..., if treatment is not good? 」


Give Mr. H interact a little at the end of the return.

The Han River was not bad value for money, look somewhat frosty.

But what is said on the other hand, I think relieved somewhere, was relieved.

Was in the situation would have been better is better is because to be honest, my stomach was good.

One is sorry for cost plus interest has gone, so no more time and thought.

But the big reason was relieved

You want to sell

Had appeared from.

It is so right, 500 yen with experience, kidding!(^^;)?

I'm there is first of all an experience and disingenuous. And experience would of course could be rated.

But Mr. H could not it seems.

In short

"It was sold"

The shrimp Meatball is a translation.

You probably have noticed are's, H's try, Yes, unquestionably, in my(Lol)

Body is honest.(Lol)

。。。 And it's the staff who counseled the polite way, Salon us taking the time was rude, hard-m(_ _)m

But I want to go to a hair salon, this "sold it" sense of fear, but I can't. I think some people are getting?.

I also have experience as you can see.

The only-and then! Fleur is also a salon was opened in order to break that image.

Agenda because no one will want to do is not.

So the point is not assured.(*^^*)

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Mayan Word message: let the way you convince yourself!

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Seems good now pleasure you are!

Hair loss in your skin beautiful, healing the heart with the Mayan calendar

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