My husband's Chin has not

At the most affordable hair salon "high-speed hair removal-Fleur"The Chiba Hibiki ripening Mitsuru (Hitomi).

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How to look at the blog title, I was shocked, I think.

I was so(Lol)

What is? How to say ~!

I feel it?(Lol)

This is of course my own is not.

I believe that beyond the title goes there?(Lol)

Aside from such a thing.

Bookstore in book examples working, in "Oto Chin ' now pretty much as you or I called one of the topics.

[Suddenly, but my husband's Chin has not. Seriously, say. Even companionship during 20 years, this "Chin has no" problem has haunted us slowly. I never spoke to the people. Lightly so that it won't be able to. 】

Wracked with a strange feeling after reading this true story begins with this start was my interest in the title, is indescribable.

What is love?

What is marriage?

Husband and wife?

What is the family?

What is the relationship?

With books like this I can't help laughing, a shocking title in many ways deep and will be let go thoughts.

Life is love.

Say "nothing" so I ask that indescribable feeling, what you say?

[Don't know her husband and parents I writes a coterie poetry and journal of Commerce. You can, of course, the book will be published. Since ancient times not necessarily important to those around us. I think when I have fallen on the floor, jerena's natterings family bargain. I couldn't tell on here are all clogged. So until that day to keep you want to.

People who read the original at the end, we took this book in hand, and will someday make my husband a heartfelt thanks.


When I read the message the last autograph from author was spelled out in the afterword of heart wrenching I was packed.

In one word "sexless" it's possibly not tidying a serious reality.

Authors echo Mr. in connection with her husband's heart and a deep bond envious, even, sadly, also became poor.

Available on request at Fleur who like to read, so please do feel free to talk.

[Today's Mayan calendar:KIN 198 White mirror / yellow Warrior sound 3]

Mayan people that message: 言i聞kasereba "OK" to me in front of the mirror works well!

Today is also a day kin across the mirror for me.

About KIN across the mirror, at a later date for more information will be provided.

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