-Que sera Sera-

Hi, Chiba Symphony Orchestra Naoto Mitsuru (Hitomi) is.

Hey long time no see I m(_ _)m

In fact, 起korimashite is somewhat shocking.

Had fallen into a situation that usually my early recovery unexpectedly parting fall(T ^ T)

But! OK now!

Let me state that in a very positive, positive thinking, and also pulls NetA I put out-as it seems now that(Lol)

This is the scenery from the Westin hotel was looking dazed and shocking incident broke out in.

The tears are flowing, remember that when I took this picture and it was...

but as the title of the blog.

Que sera Sera

Manage it ~

It is.

And this was the message from the Angel card the next day, feeling calm down a little start and cares less.

What that means,

"The issue is already resolved.

Wow-a great up!

Remember that again seems I just switch my feelings, I was relieved.

For a long time by a slightly deep meaning what I have become.

Was that during the 2 months today, including only one week!

Tights off season is fast approaching.

Features without any hair!

Hair was stretched in the black tights, stockings of color is not.

We recommend hitting appliedfor and early(Lol)

Without shaving, so the really easy from(^^)

Today, it is [KIN170 white dogs and white dog sound 1].

A sound one because, to take decisions, actions and things start good and be.

Restarted the blogging I also update!

Tried using the timing of this space if you have something you're wondering, that cannot make a decision too, please.

And started dogs for 13 days from today.

Theme of the 13 days of the white dog is a period "thanks to the connection with the person.

Duh to me if people close enough, tend to forget to thank.

Met with family, friends, the world is all treasure.

That's why thanks, let's establish a trust relationship.

Hair loss in your skin beautiful, healing the heart with the Mayan calendar

All the women are beautiful, to be happy