Angel number: 8888

Hi, Chiba Symphony Orchestra Naoto Mitsuru (Hitomi) is.

Dear friends, do you know Angel number is?

Seems to be messages from the Angels with Angel number doubles come to convey a message of some sort, or witnessed the same numbers over and over again.

It is car number "8888" to see me recently.

I tell the truth, "8888" is the number of cars today also saw what a damn!

Also this is surely what message?I looked up and thought.

And then...

I noticed such a thing.

To the [people who looked at 8888]

Am trying now, tell the end chapter in your life.

Please proceed to the next chapter.

In the end of the tunnel said the changes always remember that there is light.

Learned in the experience can get the benefit in a way undreamt of you as a big harvest.

Please accept with thanks inexhaustible richness.

I feel like a very meaningful message on my, I came with the Jean.

Kanji is "8" in the "8" has been at good luck and think everyone you know.

Next to the "8" and "Infinity ' become, because it leads to endless meaning.

And infinity, and also in the sense that the coin that is in the shape of a Möbius loop.

As a result,A sign that is visiting to the fortunes of the current behind the harmony, development and resolution is waiting.To so.

Now little fortunes slump in May... and something goes wrong I'm visit some breaks when it encounters numbers "8888" it... it kinda depressed, if you say it?

And now I just saw the clock, 15:15.

Understanded it had "1515" message!

See what changes are occurring right now, I'm through. To change to something positive, and I ~! 」

It was

* I was going to reference site is "More Than Ever".

If to see if you are interested in it please!

Today, 1/29 is

[KIN 146 Bridge of white / yellow species sounds 3]

Mayan Word message: be aware of unconditional love, and spend.

Incidentally, today is the day black kin (KIN GAP).

And today 10 days, black followed by kin.

Black KIN (KIN GAP) and the energy of the universe strongly sunny day.

Unexpectedly or very active, or cause trouble, changes are more likely.

Let's forget the love and gratitude as significantly affecting the way of life, should be.

Hair loss in your skin beautiful, healing the heart with the Mayan calendar

All the women are beautiful, to be happy