Home page renewal notice

Hi, Chiba Symphony Orchestra Naoto Mitsuru (Hitomi) is.

But immediately the announcement!

Fleur's website has been renewed!

Today's blog is the first post from the new website management screen should be commemorated.

While watching the screen an unfamiliar because it all got accustomed to the post screen's input is a very strange feeling(Sweat)

Aside from such a thing.

New website address ishttp://Fleur-k63.com It is.

Address "k63" got my Mayan calendar KIN numbers

We will continue working hard as the Mayan calendar Navigator, so please thank you?

New website, please take a look at and think.

And happy where you can tell us your thoughts and opinions.

This renewal, Fleur finally starts e-mail magazine delivery!

Homepage newsletter subscription can be easier to screen.

It will deliver the information from time to time, so please come to membership please register-

1January 7: yellow in124 species, white mirror sound 7

... Today's Mayan calendar Word messages.

Patterns of the past are bound to 打ち破りましょう! Should open up possibilities!

Today, dare to choose the path of adversity and I want it!

Hair loss in your skin beautiful, healing the heart with the Mayan calendar

You are beautiful and so will be happy to