Cerasela hair features

 Hair loss in one year completion time!
Estimated to be beautiful is about a year!
Considerably after one year if provided hair cerasela speed waxing (SHR method), beautiful skin you will be!

 Peace of mind, from the gentle to the skin can go every month!

High-speed hair removal anyway nice skin and little stimulation.
Also, for treatment regardless of the hair growth cycle can attend monthly from more and more beautiful will become!
Also supports Mole ever had been with NG, tanned skin, hair and peach fuzz! Your peace of mind, please.

< Estimated number of treatments >
And thin people with hair loss experience in other restaurants, recommended for those who want less noticeable
And little need for daily care! Hair cerasela push plan
And you want to get a smooth skin, firm wish to eliminate

 Hi-speed hair SHR method

Latest hair loss theory: SHR method
(Super Hair Removal)

It is a brand new hair removal methods in SHR method and storing heat in the hair follicles on your skin gently encourage hair loss.
Unlike traditional target melanin in hair follicles in a strong way, to reach the hair follicles that, enough weak energy hair loss effect was obtained. You do not need to hurt anymore hair loss.

 In the media talking about the latest hair removal machines: LUMIX

But Mao cerasaleSendaiThe, was an early adopterSHR methodHair removal-powered aircraft "LUMIX" is a groundbreaking new hair removal machines based on the most recent hair loss.
♦ as a hit tomorrow LUMIX idiot selling certified!
[Video: drunk Dragon stupid sell laboratory] About SHR scheme mechanism and treatment of explained.

♦ EWJ Fast 2014 award
Has launched the LUMIX EST lab in the beauty industry the most fastest growing company Award "Esthetic Wired Japan Fast 2014".