Mayan calendar appraisal

 And the Mayan calendar

History of the Mayan calendar, now 4, is known as the Mayan calendar calendar used by the Maya lived in the civilization that flourished in Mexico and Guatemala, dating back to 5000 years ago until the indigenous people.

Are the Mayan indigenous people had an advanced technology based on Science, mathematics, and astronomy, and is said, they have a calendar of the 17 varieties in all, were used in different applications. Among the 13 x 20 cycles = 260 days to cycle oneSee tzolkin(Tzolkin)」In the calendar said you were known.

In General, 13 is an unlucky number. However, the Mayan indigenous people, 13, has been revered as "numbers gods". It is understood they are 13 times by the period of revolution of the Moon around the Earth, or creation cycle over 13 days and we think that, from the laws of nature and the universe, number 13 is lurking everywhere.

Also, the number 20 is also for Mayan indigenous people holy figures. I think they are 20 God in the universe, gods believed in their daily in turn govern this universe.

Calendar was thus made the flow of the universe and of the essence of the soul are expressed cycle of 260 days. This ancient knowledge is wisdom to us today preserve.

It is able to consciously spend days according to the tzolkin and caused the city to sync cosmic consciousness, to accelerate the attraction of good luck.

 That you can see in the Mayan calendar appraisal