Self hair removal course

 Easy! No pain! Not ashamed!

◆ also gave VIO hair loss not a dream

In sensitive zones, who are also showing wish that beautiful. Think not?
Ring around the breasts and around the navel, from shame and VIO to me impossible. Who had given up and perfect!

◆ super easy! To enjoy the beautiful

Easy operation and quick look "fun! "" Early! "" Gained a sense of accomplishment! "And anyway very popular self hair loss. Real freedom or partially watching the condition of your skin, carefully illuminated and omit vice versa-packed! Kimagure is in the mood of the day to choose a site it also is recommended.

◆ cospa! Budget beautiful

Area at all to want to... Pinch your wallet! I also don't worry! self alopecia're body good you want to be! Cospa too sensitive! The greed upholstery-San is also reasonable plan not to be missed.

◆ What is self hair loss?

Q: it's not hard for?
Q: in the self clean to the?
Q: anxiety about whether they can do it.

Why not try first!
You can try the popular sites, in the armpits, legs, hands or feet fingers trial Pack available.

Trial Pack 3000 Yen
While enduring pain. And what a shame do 心zu painstakingly thought. What if "self waxing" Fleur not required(^^)

-How to start?~

◆ Register
Annual fee: 30000 Yen
* Details: initial treatment support and during treatment advice and supplies and arranged all consumable items for cost.

First reassurance of support!
We firmly support first, get treatment can in self.

◆ and balding at 2000 yen per 10 minutes free!
It's 10 minutes time from entry to exit. Every time can be set freely.

* Each spot plan * 10-3000 yen.
To stay available in the single and available in a short period of time, is a fee-free plan.

But would the embarrassing thing is treatment at your own pace at your own pace can see hair loss self"charm! I previously went to a hair salon, just a little places come to mind. So very helpful!

* List price is plus tax.
* Credit card(VISA, master, Amex)The visit is available.