We teach the seasonal blog techniques now!

Good evening
Fleur Chiba Symphony Orchestra Naoto Mitsuru (Hitomi) is.

Blogs are nearly
Written about 3 years ago.

To open a hair salon!
As determined from
Ameba was first started.

Back then
And I-I also know
I just wrote (lol)

But I was wondering

Those who want to hair loss
As you will receive?

It said.

To write the blog slowly
I thought I came familiar with;
That is...

Suffering from unwanted hair
Many more women
I want to send?

It is translated as it is very difficult (laughs)

"I always enjoy reading."
You are such a nice voice.
It is a thorough
Customer feedback from customers.

I do not know,
In the know-Fleur

I have not received...

In reality. °(T ^ T)°.

By participating in
Hina IshikawaIt's
Ameba seminar is.

(I borrowed your photo?)

But the former model's
Is a real beauty?

But you know-
It's not just a beautiful, can
If you attend a seminar
You can see in 1 shot!

Do not give the consultant
The secret methodsAnd
How to blog title
How to link to the Facebook
And so on.

With a wealth of knowledge
Unwrap (← the representation is change everything w)
Very easy to understand
Kindly let me know.

Would that age-old methods
Even now"The right way"
And it's you or think.

Fast is the trend of the times and

So, I think.

Say now, but
To tell the truth, I
Before the seminar starts
I wonder if there's no lunch time ~!
Well take it easy
I'd had put the greedy.

10Time-in 3 hours and a half
Jazz is, in many
At lunchtime I forget about the
Really fast it was (laughs)

Together participated in the seminar
Is a lovely senior salon owners got their?

Lomiromisalonreira 2 owner
Toshiko SATO

Macek, beauty brow beauty link plus owners
Aoki Kaori

Also be able to participate and these two
Very irritating.


Last but not
Hina Ishikawa
Really really really

I also like Hina's
Become a "bijin blog"
For many who suffer from unwanted hair
Useful information about
I would like to disseminate!


Like Hina
"Pretty face"
To be hooray.(≧ ▽ ≦)