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At the most affordable hair salon "high-speed hair removal-Fleur"The Chiba Hibiki ripening Mitsuru (Hitomi).

Thanks for your visit today

Nearly three years have passed and started a blog.

To start this job has started a blog
After all, began work in from the
Through the blog

A nice end to know my Salon

A unwanted hair troubles to wish advice

Wish I'll relieve the suffering Messiah

So I am writing.

Because you know me when
Also little private gone and while researching and writing I(^_-)-☆

Thanks salon for guests from the customer

Always enjoy reading

But, I'm very happy and we are
I'm kinda confused while writing a blog to tell the truth, veal lamb was.

That is

That blog is not connected to attract customers _|¯|○

The wound is this (laughs)

That said,
Good friend Lomi salon ownerToshiko SATOFrom the introduction,
Blog consultantHina IshikawaTo
"Blog beauty diagnosisAsked to!

This is also nice

Feedback is
And-----was also good!

Exactly how good you are.
See the article gave me to reblog Hina's (lol)

[Feedback] to attract customers cannot reach the point here? You could find it!

Apparently, even content, blog Ishikawa Hina's naughty.

(I borrowed your photo)

I really yearn to(#^^#)

I, too, just a little to move closer to the blog beauty
Hina's advice based on
I'll write a blog now.

Hina Ishikawa, thank you

And readers always read me.
In the future please thank you