Until five years ago was blood type O

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Thanks for your visit today(^^)

Just 4/1 five years ago, I discovered a shocking fact.

That is...

I was actually type B but I think o for 38 years are (laughs)

It is amazing that these kind of things-

Father: o

Mother: B type

And that is no problem either.

There are, however! But it is for sure!

I've been living under the way o that.

All documents written with blood type O, without getting lost in the horoscope of course checks the type O blood type if you ask me, ' is the o! "And I answered.

I am glad.

Seems to have been recalled so far my actions, but I think knowing your blood type O is affected in a very large specific gravity in the personality of my own current and indescribable B-type seems to be. (← is around ratings)

Since the revelations, thanks to 4/1 five years ago, my b.

The B-5 years want to but happily today I thought that bad April Fool's joke, but now (lol)

When I was born,

"It is type O child,. 」

Type O was born in this short of a nurse I have lived as an O-type is, but this is her memory a mistake? really? that, since when was type B, or believe it or not has very suddenly mutate, remains unknown.

PS: true blood types found in human dock. If you're not affected by that time between the dock.

I now is blood type O (laughs)