First day of spring! And finally start the e-zine today commemorate the absolute expansion engraved black KIN's day!

Hi, Chiba Symphony Orchestra Naoto Mitsuru (Hitomi) is.

Yesterday, everyone was eating sushi rolls??

Like the custom in recent years, setsubun beans over to eat Sushi rolls on the measure.

Beans, I was like when I was a child I! ~

It's very nostalgic.

Well, yesterday is called setsubun says on the lunar calendar today the beginning of the year, spring is.

Further, in the Mayan calendar and today "absolute expansion engraved black KIN' days.

And surprisingly, 260 days, never happen only twice-I even is a precious day

Best of day parole, determination and desire order, things start to do so with love and gratitude, try to set goals and determination.

In love dating and confessions, the city is recommended

I celebrate this day and finally start your e-zine

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It's a 2/4 today.

In the Mayan calendar [KIN 152 Yellow / Yellow type sound 9]

Absolute expansion engraved black KIN,

So can a great stamp

Hair loss in your skin beautiful, healing the heart with the Mayan calendar

All the women are beautiful, to be happy